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Main achievements

Scientific fields of the Institute of microsurgery:

  1. Integration of free and non-free microsurgical flaps in recipient bed;
  2. Reinnervation in replanted limb segments;
  3. Tissue engineering on microvascular arteriovenous shunts.

Main practical achievements of the Institute of microsurgery

November, 15, 1994  — the first in Tomsk transplantation of free radial flap on the foot.

June, 16, 1996  — the first in Tomsk replantation of abjuncted extremity.

November, 13, 1996  — the first in Tomsk surgeryof transplantation of the second toe into the position of the first finger.

June, 1, 1997 — the first in Tomsk replantation of 2 abjuncted hands simultaneously.

June, 14, 1997 — the first in Tomsk replantation of abjuncted upper extremity on the level of low third of the arm.

November, 18, 1997 — the first transplantation of TRAM — flap for mammary gland reconstruction (postmostectomic syndrome).

January, 21, 1999  — the first in Tomsk surgery of revascularization of cervical spinal cord thickening using free omentum on microvascular anastomoses

May, 14, 1999  — the first in Tomsk phalloplasty using free radial flap.

June, 1–10, 2000  — activity of international charitable mission «Operation Smile» (USA).

April, 18, 2001 — the first operative correction o f female and male transsexualism.

June, 12–22, 2001 — activity of international charitable mission «Operation Smile» (USA).

February, 6, 2002 — establishing the first in Russia Institute of microsurgery (Tomsk).

March, 3, 2003 — the first successful laryngoplasty in laringostenosis (bilateral paralysis m.cricoartaenoideus posterior).

January, 22, 2004 — the first in Tomsk plastic of urether using vermiform appendage.

August, 18, 2004  — the first in Russia plasty of hard palate defect using inferior concha nasalis on vascular pedicle.

February, 15, 2005 — the first in Russia replantation of abjuncted by pittbull foot in a child aged 25 days.

During its existence, the Institute of microsurgery developed close international contacts with centers of microsurgery in Australia, USA, France, UK, Germany, Finland, Rumania and others.