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About Institute

The Institute of microsurgery (Tomsk) is dynamically developing organization which is well-known in the world microsurgery (History of Microsurgery — 5 Generations from 1957. Ed.by Julia K. Terzis, M.D., PH.D. Norfolk, 2007, p.543-544). Its scientific achievements are protected with a lot of patents and were repeatedly presented in European and International congresses of reconstructive microsurgery (Spain, France, Germany, Greece, Japan).

Highly qualified specialists for the Institute were prepared and are preparing in the E.G. Salyshchev operative surgery chair of the Siberian State medical university. This chair is the only one in Russia which has clinical status. The Institute received special award of the XI Innovative Forum with international participation (October, 10-12, 2008, Tomsk) for developing the first in Russia project «Tissue engineering centre».

Scientific work is performing under auspices of the Siberian branch of Russian academy of medical sciences according to the agreement about scientific cooperation, November, 18, 2003.

Main activities of clinical department are focused on several directions:

  1. Reconstruction and plasty of soft tissue defects, joints’ bones;
  2. Surgery of the hand;
  3. Surgery of male genitals;
  4. Aesthetic surgery (all types of surgeries on face and body);
  5. Diagnosis and treatment of ear, throat, nose diseases in children and adults, treatment of hypoacusis.